visual market week

Bernstein Display is pleased to participate yearly in SHOP!- Retail Design Collective:  a unique event  in December which showcases presenters in the world of retailing.  Three days of creative energy, showroom presentations, and networking culminate during the most festive time in New York, the Holiday Season.

      archive of past showrooms

      Please feel free to peruse our archive of previous showrooms.

      • 2008


        Leisure Activities & Proclivities.

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      • 2009


        Black and White and PINK all over.

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      • 2010

        “Modern Age”

        Sleek Moderne Configurations.

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      • 2011

        “Heritage Classic”

        The future revealed. . . through our past.

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      • 2012


        Streamlined, color-blocked formation.

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      • 2013

        “All Aboard”

        Train travel more amusing than you’d think.

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      • 2014

        “Bernstein In Residence”

        Upstairs meets Downstairs at a lavish country estate.

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      • 2015

        “Artists & Models”

        A rollicking Art Installation bursts.

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      • 2016

        “Let’s Go Shopping!”

        Celebrates everything retail and creates a dazzling ‘Shopping Experience’

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      • 2017

        “100 Years of Visual Merchandising Excellence!”

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