Looking back on 2018

This year started off strong for Bernstein Display. In September Glenn Sokoli was named our VP of Marketing and Creative and started the creative transformation of the new showroom on 25th Street, in NY.

Transforming our showroom into “Blush with Attitude “ a complete metamorphosis occurred, featuring a softer more commercially chic and on-trend display. Our in demand Curve mannequins showcase real women with curves, and subtle postures to reflect their grace, available in sizes 16 and 20. Customized forms have Lux upholstered velvet fabrics, gold plated bases, and clean line fixtures. Stealing the spot light were the pet mannequins, covered in leather and cork. Bernstein Display is here to work with you to customize and create exactly what your brand needs.

Have you see our showroom for 2018-2019 ?

Partnering LED technology with visual display, the incorporation of LED screens, playing our latest video demonstrating the detail that goes into using the latest 3D design techniques was a highlight in the showroom presentation. We have factories here in the US, and overseas in China that produce some of the best retail, visual merchandising display products in the world.

Bernstein Display history is in Mannequins and forms, but our fixtures and accessories enhance the what your brands story is. We are able to redesign or source fabrication and unique finishes that are customized for you.

Please contact us to speak about your visual display needs.

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Glenn Sokoli